ASMC 2019 Abstract Submissions

Please include ALL author information with your submission(s)

PRIOR to preparing your abstract for electronic submission, please read the paper preparation and submission guidelines described below.

You must use the ASMC abstract template to ensure that your submission meets the requirements outlined in the ASMC 2019 Call for Papers.  If your abstract is accepted, this template will be used to create your manuscript.  Refer to the following steps to create an account for abstract upload.

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  13. Click on the “Submit” button on the bottom right of your screen when you are ready to submit your abstract.

As you prepare your abstract, keep in mind the following: our intent is to provide a public forum to discuss "Semiconductor Manufacturing Excellence" and "Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing", i.e. work which shows how to advance or improve microelectronics manufacturing.  Abstracts will be evaluated based on following criteria:

1.    Interest to conference attendees
2.    Quality of submission
3.    New information
4.    Clear and sound technical results
5.    Clear applicable takeaways
6.    Industry collaboration
7.    Non-commercial

If your abstract is accepted, you will be notified by 5 December 2018.


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Abstract Deadline

October 17, 2018



30th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2019)



May 6-9, 2019



Saratoga Springs, NY USA

30th Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2019) – Call for Submissions:

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